Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff Alleviating the pain of a highly unsatisfying life by giving you the real-life tested solutions I used to break free from 15 yrs of domestic violence.

Sascha Sascha

  • How long have you been waiting for the right time to start your inner healing and transformation journey?
  • How much time, energy, money, and relationships not having decided to heal your invisible wounds has cost you so far?
  • Where would you have been in your life if you would have been committed to your own healing and well-being 5 years ago?
  • How many people’s lives would you have already positively impacted, would you have decided to take on your inner journey 5 years ago, already?
  • How many more years are you going to waste by declining to invest in yourself today?
  • How many more missed opportunities are you going to accumulate until you reach your point of no return?
  • Does it feel like you are ready to give up on yourself?
  • What will your children and/or grandchildren say about you?
  • How much more emotional, physical, financial, and sexual abuse are you willing to take?
  • When enough is going to be ENOUGH?